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 About the Elves

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PostSubject: About the Elves   Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:18 am

While the Elves are often viewed as an immortal race, they actually are not. It is true that they live extraordinarily long lives however. Elves are known to live hundreds of thousands of years, the oldest recorded Elf being 674,823 years old. They are a very proud race, and though sometimes this pride is a weakness, it can also be and Elf's greatest strength, depending on the situation.

Some may consider the Elves snobbish, and in some cases, they would be right. However, in most cases they are wrong. Elves are slow to trust those who are not their kind, and so appear snobbish to other races. The Elves prefer to stick to their own race.

Elves are the keepers of Nature. They care for the forest in which they and their source of food live. Elves are not widespread like other races. They are one group, in their forest.

The Elves have enchanted their forest, and so, if you are not an Elf, you will quickly become lost in the forest, and perhaps never find your way out. They have built great houses in the trees, creating their village which is further protected by enchantments which make it impossible to see, unless one already knows that it is there.
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About the Elves
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