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 Elvish Groups

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PostSubject: Elvish Groups   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:18 pm

There are three different groups whom are separate from the Elvish soldiers.

The Forest Group: This group is in charge of patrolling the forest, ensuring all enchantments remain strong. It is also their duty to find and detain any trespassers in the forest. If the trespasser is friendly, they will be escorted out of the forest. If not... well, we'll leave that to your imagination.

The Building Group: Ah, the Builders. Without their ingenuity, all of the houses and buildings in the trees would never have been possible. They are in charge of maintaining all of those buildings, and ensuring the trees in which they are built remain healthy and strong.

The Civilian Group: This group includes many important Civilians. Those in this group have been elected by the people, and in turn have become the voice of the people. They also double as the police force in the mighty village. If there is a civil dispute, it is their duty to settle it, quickly and with as little distress as possible. Most importantly though, they must maintain the enchantments around the village, ensuring strangers cannot see and/or find their village.

The leaders of these groups hold a voice in the rulers' ears. Should they need help with one of their duties, they will speak up and debate their point. Such is the way the Elves rule their kingdom.
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Elvish Groups
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