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 Elven Ranks

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PostSubject: Elven Ranks   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:43 pm

Here are the ranks with their details, listed from highest to lowest, except for in regard to the advisers, as they are all of the same importance.

King/Queen: The ultimate ruler(s) of the Elven Kingdom. They hold the greatest power, but also the greatest responsibility. Very little happens that they do not know about. Currently there is only a Queen. Should the Queen choose to marry....

Crown Prince/Princess: The heir to the throne. They are second in power. If the current ruler is for some reason unable to make the decisions of the Kingdom, that duty then falls to the heir until the ruler is capable again. There is no one in this position currently.

Prince/Princess: These are the siblings of the heir. There often are not many of these. It is recorded the greatest number of children ever born of any of the past kings and queens was only three. There are none in this position currently.

Queen's Herald: This soldier is hand chosen by the Queen herself. They may be from any of the groups. It is their duty to ensure the safety of the Queen, above all else. They act as the Queen's personal guard. There is no one in this position currently.


Master Mage: While one may think they would be the leader of the Mages Group, they are wrong. The Master Mage is not the leader, nor even a member of the Mages Group. This is a magic wielder who has mastered each of the elements, and support magic. It is their duty to ensure all enchantments remain strong. They are at the beck and call of any of the three Civil Groups. There is no one in this position currently.

(Any positions that are not currently filled, excluding the positions of King, Crown Prince/Princess, and Prince/Princess, shall be temporarily filled with an NPC until a Character is created to fill that role.)
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Elven Ranks
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