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 About The Vampires.

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PostSubject: About The Vampires.   Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:50 pm

Vampires are a notorious immortal race. But this is not true. Only Pure Bloods are Immortal. But not invincible. While it is true that vampires are known to be quite strong, and even have special abilities, only a small fraction are strong enough to claim semi-invincibility. They all can be killed, though, even if it can be quite hard. Vampires are not affected by normal human weapons, and, contrary to popular belief, are not affected by garlic, crosses, or wooden stakes. They evolve just as humans do.
In fact, you may quite often see a vampire wearing a cross (though many times it is black) as a piece of jewelry. Sunlight, while it doesn't destroy them and turn them to ash, or stone, does still affect them, making them weaker. Not to mention they burn easily.
They have a simple society, easy to understand. Each rank however, generally tends to have differing personalities and views of other races.
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About The Vampires.
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