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 Vampiric Pyramid

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PostSubject: Vampiric Pyramid   Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:04 pm

The society of the vampires can be complicated, only if you don't truly understand it. Otherwise.. the simplicity of it will astound you. Below are the ranks and their explanations.

Level A - Pure Blood
Level A Vampires. The heritage of these vampires hasn't been diluted by human blood. They're the strongest type of vampire and have the most significant powers. Despite the fact that Purebloods are very powerful, they only make up for a very small portion of the vampire population. The Council hold Purebloods in extremely high regard. It is taboo to kill or to even harm a Pureblood. As a result, Purebloods are treated like royalty. The powers of Purebloods are dangerous to both their fellow vampires and humans. Purebloods have the ability to compel lesser vampires to do their bidding. If a human is bitten by a Pureblood that human will turn into a vampire. The Pureblood and ex-human, in question, become bonded in Master and Servant. The master is able to completely control their servant. While the servant becomes incapable of ever killing their master, even if they wish to. When purebloods die, their bodies slowly disperse into small sparkles and then shatter like glass. Subsequently, the death for a pureblood is different to the death of any other type of vampire.

Level B - Noble
Level B vampires. They are elite vampires with specialized abilities beyond normal vampires.These are also very powerful vampires, but not as much so as pure bloods. They also have a small amount of human blood in their ancestry. When an aristocrat is killed, they turn to dust, as do the other levels below them. These aristocratic vampires are still able to be compelled by purebloods, but enjoy a much more independent lifestyle in general. The council of elders is usually made up from their ranks.

Level C - Common Vampire
Level C vampires. These are average vampires with no significant powers. They have a larger amount of human blood in them.

Level D & E - Ex-humans
Ex-human vampires, also known as level D and level E are the lowest form of vampires, humans who have been turned into vampires by being bitten by a pureblood vampire. The E in Level E represents the word 'end' because after falling to level E, it's usually the end of their life after losing control.

Powers of all levels:
Accelerated healing: The purer the vampire blood, the stronger the healing factor.
Decelerated aging: The purer the vampire blood, the longer the life of the vampire. Purebloods are immortal, however.

Powers of Nobel and Above:
Ability to erase memories.
Ability to use animals as a familiar, to watch and listen.
Telekinetic powers.
Nobles most commonly display the ability to control an individual element, such as fire, ice, lightning, etc.
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Vampiric Pyramid
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