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 The Kuraihi {WIP}

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PostSubject: The Kuraihi {WIP}   Sat May 12, 2012 11:35 pm

Kuraihi, Roughly translated to Dark Lights are basically Angels and Demons of the land. Many Consider them to be two separate races, But that was long ago, Millions of Generations ago. The two resented each other. However they are the same thing, Is like a caterpillar can become a Moth and a Butterfly. The Two Sides Had wars and constant battles over which was dominant but they found the solution to their Problems. COming together to create a whole race as they were originally intended to be.
The Two sides still dislike each other, however if it came between fighting another race, and fighting a kuraihi then the answer would be clearly the opposing race. There are three types of Kuraihi, The Angels, The Demons and The Cross Breeds. Angels are the Gods of strategy, Which is usually the reason why they rule the upper class area, Majority of the high positions go to the Angels, They are all extremely intelligent. They all seen to be calm, reflective and in control of their emotions. While Demons on the other hand are Just Brutes. They are Power, Strength, and Anger of the kuraihi Race. They were designed for battle. Standing at over 9 feet tall and With the muscle of a Monster. They usually attack for the fun of it, though there is always the rare case of them being quite intelligent. But that is rare. The Angels and Demons Live in the mountains. The angels stay in a temple at the top, Which floats above the clouds, While the Demons stay underground. Engulfed by fire. There are very odd cases of Cross breeds between the Angels and the demons, and they just stay on the Mountain range. Living in what would seem like a normal village.

The people of kuraihi Believe in only one god. Drakine. They Do not have any Visual or Physical Representations of The God because they believe Drakine is Beyond Representation. However Drakine is the good of Light and Darkness. From Those two primary things, everything can be created. They offer their prayers to the Sky and The ground. And that is how the offerings are done as well. Once every year the angels will release a small orb full of Magical energy into the sky. While the Demons will sacrifice a small animal and cover themselves in the blood. Prayers to Drakine are often made in times of need, and Drakine will only answer those who are truly faithful.
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PostSubject: Angels   Sat May 12, 2012 11:36 pm

Those of the Light as already said, Live above the Sky, In a Pure Holy White city. Usually they issue commands to the Demons, as from up high, they see everything. No Demons are allowed in the Temple, However They are allowed in the city of Light, But only those who are there for business, Few do, but when they do, they are treated with as much respect as what they can give a demon. WHich sometimes, isn’t much. Angels are the Light, They Enjoy open spaces, and Are calm, collected and Very attuned with their emotions, they never have sudden Emotional imbalances and Will always consider alternatives before heading into battle. Most angels have Wings from their backs, Which gives the power of flight, though some of the Sub-Races as they are called, do not. In battle Angels are mostly Ranges and Mages. Attacking from afar. Though it isn’t abnormal for them to be well equipped in technique for melee. As Special Area’s in their Combat divisions are actually close range fighters.

Angels Hierarchy
Power Hierarchy

Divine Angel - The Divine Angel would be equal to saying he/she is the king/queen of the angels. They speak Directly with the kuraihi Leaders and Control all the Angels.

Councilor - Councilors are those who are members of the council, They make decisions as a group and Basically Rule over the land. Though their opinions can be Easily overruled by the divine angel it is frowned upon and Councilors are heavily respected by the people.

Hunter Angel - These are the angels basically designed to hunt their own kind. They deal with Those who escape the Village, Or traitors and take orders from only the Divine Angel, though they are in charge of nobody.

Templars - These angels are the ones who are the rulers of the spiritual side of the Race. They Offer their Prayers to The God. Drakine. Through their prayers they not only keep the City of White Protected with a Barrier that Stops entry to anyone but an angel, but they also keep the place floating in the air. As well as being great mages.

Judgement angels - They are in charge of how people are punished. If there is a problem the A Protector will bring the criminal to them. They are like the judges. Though apparently they are also very good Magic users.

Protectors - They are the Guards of the city. They stand out from the crowd as they are Usually of Lightener Birth. Making them Taller then others. They patrol the city and are occasionally used as scouts.

Military (Physical) Hierarchy
Guardian - In charge of the Entire Military side of Angels. Take orders from the Council and The Divine Angel only.

Head Military Adviser - The Main adviser to the Guardian. They Act as his/her right hand man.

Military Adviser - These are The advisers for an adviser. When The Guardian Gives a job to the Head Adviser, it usually gets passed onto the Normal Advisers.

Mages - Those who use magic as a source of attack.

Head Archer - In charge of all those in the long range group. They rarely ever fire without this persons consent

Archers - Angels are known for their Excellent skills with Long range weapons. Those in this branch Are the Long rangers of the Race

Foot Angels - The Melee side of Angels. THey are agile and Fast, None can match their speed with a blade.
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PostSubject: Sub Races/Classes   Sat May 12, 2012 11:38 pm

Angel Sub-Races
Ligethre - A Ligethre is the most common form of angels. They carry the appearance of a normal human except they have Large White Holy Wings which spout from their Backs.

Giliths - Look Slightly elvish, Many get the two races confused, THough they are not. This race is mainly used for Combat especially since they are all made to Have Intense speed and Agility.

Lightener - The Physical Angels. They are about 8 ft tall on average and Extremely muscular. It varies between them as some will have wings and some will not.

Sentients - Angels born with the greatest intelligence. They are Human like, they are Extremely beautiful. This race are usually those in high positions and most common among the Council.

Angel Classes
Foot -
Warrior - Basically This class are masters of Hand to hand and close range Combat.

Breakers - These focus on Multiple Attackers at once. They Are crowd Breakers

Tankers- Able to take mass damage, and has great Strength.

Healers- Name says enough

Long Range -
Archers- Name says enough.

Elemental- Can control two of the 5 elements (fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning)
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PostSubject: Re: The Kuraihi {WIP}   

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The Kuraihi {WIP}
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