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 Elvish Soldiers

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PostSubject: Elvish Soldiers   Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:53 am

There are four generals, which means there are four different types of Elvish soldiers.

Fighters: Fighters are the close-range soldiers. Those in this group are paladins, warriors, rogues, assassins.
Paladins: These fighters focus on protecting their allies, even if at the cost of their own lives. They have great defense, but are not as strong as warriors, as swift as rogues, or as sneaky as assassins. They use one handed swords and wield shields.

Warriors: Warriors focus on brute force, sometimes foolishly charging into a fight. The have great strength but lack the defense of the paladins, the speed of the rogues, and the stealth of the assassins. They use two handed swords.

Rogues: They focus on speed and accuracy. They lack the strength of the warriors but make up for it by attacking faster, and lack the defense of paladins, which they make up for with their swift footwork and the trained ability to dodge. The are not, however, as sneaky as the assassins. They use Daggers, double blades, or just their own two hands.

Assassins: These fighters focus on stealth. The motto of an assassin: Attack when they blink. They are not strong like warriors, nor sturdy like paladins, nor are they as speedy as a rogue. They make up for all of this by using the shadows and their surroundings to hide their presence until the perfect moment to strike. They use daggers, double blades, or whip swords.

Artillery: Artillery are the long-range soldiers. This group includes: archers, gunners, spear men, and cannon masters.
Archers: Archers focus on accuracy. They cannot fire as quickly as the gunners because of this, and they do not have as much force as the spear men, nor as much impact as the cannon masters. They use bow and arrows, or crossbows.

Gunners: Gunners focus on speed. They sacrifice the accuracy of the archers and their guns are not as forceful as spears or the great impact of cannon balls. They may use pistols, rifles, or automatics.

Spear Men: Spear men focus of force. They do not have the accuracy of the archers, because their weapons are bigger than arrows, nor the speed of the gunners, and their spears are not so large as to cause the impact of the cannon masters. They can however put enough force into their through to knock back a foe that may be using a shield, or even pierce through the shield. They use spears, lances, almost any big pointy object that can be thrown.

Cannon Masters: These elves are a little destructive, which is good, if they're actually fighting in a battle. Because they must reload after each shot they are not at speedy as gunners, and quite honestly can never line a shot up perfectly, thus lack the accuracy of the archers. With such a lowered ability for accuracy, even Spear Men are more accurate. However, their cannon balls cause a great impact. They may hit nothing and create a big hole, or they may hit many different enemies at once. They use many different cannons, varying in size from a cannon small enough to carry on their backs, to cannons that require the strength of four horses to pull.

Mages: Ahh, the magic of mages. This group includes Elementals, necromancers, and illusionists. All mages use staffs.
Elementals: Elementals can control the different elements. Often they choose to focus on one element, while it is possible for them to use all of them. Focusing on one will cause greater knowledge of that element, thus greater strength and more powerful spells, while focusing on them all may result in weaker spells, but a greater diversity, and thus flexibility.

Necromancers: Necromancers are less popular with the Elves because their magic messes with the natural way of things. They possess the ability to raise the dead to fight for them. These minions however lack a mind and soul of their own, thus cannot fight as well as one might think. They are dead however, so dying again isn't really a worry for them. Necromancers are limited though, as they can only summon dead if there are dead around.

Illusionists: These tricksters focus on deterring the enemy. They create illusions that can confuse their foes. Their illusions however only affect their foes mind, so they cannot cause true harm. They can make it seem as though the foe is suffering from great pain, but it is a mere illusion, and should the illusion stop, the pain will also stop.

Support: Where would we be without the support of our Support? The support group includes Healers, Buffers, and Synergists. All Supporters use staffs
Healers: Healers focus on keeping their allies in tip top shape. They, of course, heal, but they may also cast temporary shields around their allies which can block a small to large amount of damage, depending on the experience of the healer.

Buffers: It is the duty of the Buffers to ensure their allies are prepared for battle, and remain prepared throughout the entire battle. They may cast spells over their allies which temporarily increase attack, defense, speed, or accuracy.

Synergists: Synergists can sometimes be rather... cynical. It is their job to remove any helpful spells from their enemies, and to make them even worse. They can neutralize a spell cast to enhance their foes abilities, and they can also cast spells that will lower their foes strength, defense, speed, or accuracy for a short time.
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Elvish Soldiers
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